To grow and become one of the top companies in India in the field of manufacturing Neutral Grounding Resistors. To adopt state of the art technology in the manufacture of our products, to make a fair business in our operation to meet our obligations, sustain our growth and reach our goals. To recognize the personal worth of employees by providing a framework that allows personal satisfaction, security and advancement opportunity.



An organization or community can only function successfully in the longer term if its members subscribe to a common set of values. Companies like ours are no exception. Equally important is that the company’s governing bodies subscribe to generally valid rules, common standards of business practice, and good governance.

We are committed to deliver added value to our customers by identifying, monitoring and responding to their needs, expectations for precious metals solutions.

We strengthen our CUSTOMERS - to keep them competitive
We embrace INNOVATION - to shape the future
We empower our PEOPLE - to achieve world-class performance
We endeavor for QUALITY - to achieve the best product in its class